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please be patient with this page, it is image
intensive and takes a while to download!

This page features all our "angels"..
(updated 1-17-01)

The Kruse Kids and their kids!

My bag lady..Jenna Mae!

Summer 2000..Courtney's soccer trading card.

Jenna..and Little Bear!

Matthew-Kevin and Natalie's boy..glad they
have a terror too!

The six great grandchildren:
Ashley, Shelby, Matthew, Jacob, Michael,
and Alexis

Todd, Jenna, Courtney, and me (Lisa)
December 2000

Courtney and Jenna...sisterly love!

Debbie's pride and joy
United States Marine Corp.
he is stationed in Hawaii!!
lucky, lucky him!

Chris and mom at Christmas 1999!

Sharlene's grandkids.....Alexis and Michael..
courtesy of Ake!

Christmas 1999 (left to right)
top: Chris, Corey, Mom, Jessica
bottom: Julie, Stephanie, Courtney, Jenna, Chelsea

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