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What were you like? You are only as I can
imagine you to be. Slowy, as I find my
way through this treasure hunt,
each clue, a treasure in itself, I put together
the pieces of the puzzle.
When my puzzle is complete, I hope to
find not only what made you.... you...but
what makes


I now have a message forum..follow the link on
below. I am receiving many emails from
people who looks like they have the same line,
although not related to mine. Feel free to post,
and check back for replies..I have only put
the forum up on 11/19 so it's brand new.

My genealogy message forum, Hope it helps you all!

My Genealogy what I have published on the web.

I have quite a bit of information....more than I could possibly list I have published my information on 3 sites..
Rootsweb and Familytree Maker. I also
have some information on
If you would like, I can email you a Family
Tree maker file on specific lines. Please,
take a look at what I have published. Many of the names I have researched,
I do not have the record of them coming
to the United States. My records of
my family coming to the United States
start in the 1850's. Prior to 1850..back
to research all pertains to Germany. But I will be more than happy
to send you a FTM file on any similar name. But remember..I cannot research
forward for you, you need to research backward to me. Thanks!

Go to FamilyTree Maker and view my family page it includes all of my surnames with birthdate and birthplace

Look at Rootsweb on WorldGen Connect for my Gedcom File for detailed info also. In addition..I have my surnames listed on their RSL Database

Look at's World Tree for my info also.

My Great grandparents..John and Catherine
Acker and their 5 sons:
Albert, Edward, William, Joseph, and John.
They later had Raymond, Claire, Marie, and

My great grandfather John Acker

The Ackers..Including surnames dating back to 1532..

This is the family I know the most about at's where you will find the following
surnames also: Hand, Wetzel, Leingang,
Hellman, Martin, Seelinger, Kunz, Kupper, Wagner, Wolff, Hengen, Hemmerle, Oppenroder, Floss, Messmer, Schulz, Dudenhofer and Gotzinger. Keep in mind
I have much more info at the above mentioned genealogy links.
My Great Great Grandfather Andreas Acker,
came..along with his 2nd wife, Catharina Wolff, to Buffalo NY from Rulzheim, RheinPfalz,
Germany. Their son John also came with them, I have John's immigration in June 1883.
Here's a list of their genealogy and their spouses...I will only list their me for more info..including how they fall in my tree and dates. In almost every case..all of
their records show them only living in Rulzheim. Also keep in mind..this is not all of
my data..I've listed back 6 generations..I have
back 9 generations..too much info to put me for any questions about my
surnames. I am anxious to share and swap

1. Andreas Acker...spouses a. Eva Wetzel..;b. Catharina Wolff
2. Johann Viet Acker..spouse..Eva Maria Hand
3. Adam Phillip Acker..spouse..Barbara Maria Martin
4. Johann Viet Hand.spouse..Catharina Maria Seelinger
5. Caspar Johan Acker..spouse..Francisca Eva Maria Hengen
6. Wilhelm Johan Martin..spouse..Maria Anna Hemmerle
7. Johannes Hand..spouse..Sabine Anna Oppenroder
8. Adam Johan Seelinger..spouse Anna Maria Floss
9. Heinrich Johan Acker..spouse..Barbara
10. Bernhard Johan Hengen..spouse..Margaret
11. Bertram Anton Martin..spouse..Anna Maria
12. Peter Franz Wetzel..spouse Eva Maria Hellman
13. Adam Friedrich Wetzel...spouse..Eva Maria
14. Adam Johan Hellman..spouse..Anna Maria Leingang
15. Antoni Wetzel..spouse...Eva Maria Kunz
16. Nicholas Johan Kupper..spouse..Barbara
Maria Seelinger
17. Michael George Hellman..spouse..Katharina Maria Wagner
18. Nicholas Leingang..spouse Maria Eva Wolff
19. ?? married to Barbara Wetzel (mother of
20. Peter Kunz..spouse..Anna Maria Messmer
21. Johannes Kupper..spouse..Catharina Eva Wolff
22. Johannes Seelinger..spouse..Elizabeth Maria Schulz
23. Conrad Hellman..spouse..Rosina Eva Oppenroder
24. Jacob Wagner..spouse..Barbara Dudenhofer
25. Nicholas Wolff..spouse..Eva Johanna Gotzinger
26. Adam Johann Leingang..spouse..Barbara Maria Seelinger
27. Frederich Adam Seelinger..spouse..Maria Barbara Floss

Siblings of the above mentioned:
John Acker: Joseph
Peter Franz Wetzel: Johann Peter
Barbara Maria Acker: Margaret Maria; Bernhard Johan
Eva Maria Hellman: Nicholas John
Viet John Acker: Elizabeth Maria
Eva Maria Kupper: George John, Jacob John
Adam John Hellman: Barbara Maria, Helena Maria
Additional Marriages:
Andreas Acker..Catharina Wolff
Barbara Maria Acker: Freidrich Adam Gotheu
Friedrich Adam Wetzel: Gertrud Eva Johann
Phillip Adam Acker: Elizabeth Maria Schleicher
Viet Johann Hand: Catharina Montagnole

This is my Grandfather William F. Acker

My Mom and Grandfather-William Acker

The Winter's

My Great Grandma..Catherine Winter-Acker

My Winter family emmigrated to the USA about
1852 from Bavaria.
My great great great grandfather was
Joseph Winter: he married Mary Lang.
their children: (that I know of)
John b. 1-1837..d. 6-23-1913
he married Maria Schuierer (Pschierer) 5-21-1860 in St. Mary's Church
Buffalo NY..their children:
Barbara..she died in 1898
Catherine..b. 3-13-1865- my great grandmother
d. 8-25-1924 after being hit by
a streetcar.
Joseph..he died at a young age
Anna d. 1895
Mary d. 1900
John d. 1893
Margaret..she and Catherine are the only
two to have outlived their parents. She
married Burkert.

The Schuierer Family (aka Pschierer)

The Schuierer's have been hard to trace.
There are so many variations on the spelling
of their name.
My great great great great grandmother:
Magdalena Schuierer...
her son was:
Joseph Schuierer..married to Francisca Lenzer
(aka) Belzer, Beazler
They came from Bavaria. I do not know
what year exactly.
Joseph and Francisca's children:
Maria..b. 1832 in Bavaria
d. 11-11-1876
Maria was my great great grandmother
other children were
Joseph?? possibly
John?? possibly
Katharina?? possibly

The Hasel's:

My Grandmother...Barbara Hazel-Acker..taken
when she was 16 years old..1912

Barbara Hazel (Hasel) Acker..taken with
a backdrop of Niagara 1911..
she is front row center.

My Grandfather William..Grandmother Barbara
Hasel-Acker..and Great Grandfather George

I have also found this name spelled Hazel
and Great Great grandfather
was Michael Hasel..he was married to Anna
Hang...their chidren were:
George (my great grandfather)
George Hasel married Mary Evans at St.
Ann's RC Church in Buffalo NY April 11, 1888..
their children:
Barbara (my grandmother)

The Evan's

I know little of the Evan's right now..
my great grandmother was Mary Evans Hasel.
(see George Hasel above)...her parents
were Joseph Evans and Frances Bauer.

The Kruse's

My Great Grandfather William Kruse

My Great Grandmother Anna Baron-Kruse
wife of William

My great grandfather was William Kruse..
he was married to Anna Baron..(Anna was the daughter of Anthony Baron and Helen ???) .they
they were born in Erie County NY....their
Edwin (my grandfather)
Gertrude (Sinclair)
Ella (Taylor)
Ruth (Hay)

Edwin married my grandmother Viola Heilig..
daughter of Edward Heilig and Harriet
Morath. Edward was born in Rome NY and
Harriet in Elma NY
their children:
Clifford (my father)
I have not done alot of research yet on the
Kruse's...but am anxious to start

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