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My DisneyWorld Page

To our family..there is no other vacation
spot like Walt Disney World. We have
been there four times with Courtney
and Jenna..and plan on returning in
August 2001.. On this page you will find
some of our favorite Disney photos..a
link to see a live view of the parks..
and some of my favorite links to very
helpful and informative Disney sites!
Enjoy your stay here!

Courtney and Jenna..with our "brick" which
paves part of a walkway at Walt Disney

A live view of all the parks!!

Want to see what Magic Kingdom, Disney
Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom look like at this very moment??? Click on
the it can take you there!

Thank you to Ada for making this possible..and all of her help in loaning me
her Disney backgrounds and clipart!


Courtney and Jenna-April 1997

1 year the same spot!

and in September 2000..again at
Minnie Mouse's House!

Planning a trip to Disney?? Be well prepared
so you can make the most of every minute..
here are some sites that will help you do just

Of course..Disney's Official Homepage

The Official Site-Walt Disney World

Is a wonderful and informative site for learning,
sharing and exchanging your experiences in
the "World"! Here you will have the ultimate in trip planning resources.
A wonderful vacation countdown page.
It's a must visit website!
She is also a great friend!

The Weather Channel-Orlando

See what the weather in Disney is like..or
going to be like if you're lucky enough to
be planning your trip!

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